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Welcome to webOS 101

Note: New user account creation is disabled. Please contact the admin or visit the webOS IRC channel to request an account

Welcome to webOS 101. This web site is intended to help those looking to develop applications (apps) for Palm's webOS based devices. The focus of this site is on the Tools, Languages, Concepts and Best Practices required for developing apps using Palm's Mojo SDK and Plug-in Development Kit (PDK).
What we do not focus on is the development of Linux applications to run on the webOS devices or in the modification of existing applications shipped on webOS devices. If you are interested in this type of information please visit webOS Internals.

How You Can Help Us Grow!

We very much want people to contribute to this Wiki. Please feel free to create an account and begin contributing. Anyone is free to help, from novices to experts. To help you get started with editing a Wiki, here is a page on editing: Help:Editing Don't know where to start? Check out the list of Wanted Pages or the list of Orphaned Pages. We especially need people with Wiki experience to assist in the structuring of the information on the site. As stated, anyone can help!

Recent Developer Articles

A list of curated articles found around the internet that should be of use for developers


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